Tim Thai Restaurant

Authentic Thai Cuisine

Tim Thai Signature dishes

LUNCH ORDERS: Monday thru Friday 11:00 - 3:00. Please note that any item can be ordered as a lunch item, which includes a Spring Roll and a soup or salad, choice of chicken/pork/beef for $8.50. Substitute seafoods for $14.95.
DINNER does NOT include Spring Roll plus soup or salad.
Signatures Dishes
Beef of Siam
Sizzling marinated beef served with asparagus and fresh ginger and topped with sesame.
Sizzling Seafood **
Sizzling shrimp, mussels, squid, and scallops served on a hot plate with green beans, red and green bell peppers, and Kaffir lime leaves.
Gang Ped Yang **
Roasted duck in red curry with pineapple and lychee.
Duck Gra Prao **
Deep-fried crispy boneless duck with sweet basil in our chili garlic sauce. Extra piece of duck $10.00.
Pla Lad Prik **
Fried flounder filet with chili basil sauce or sweet and sour sauce.
Thai Classic Noodles ***
Wide rice noodles sautéed with seafood, string beans, bamboo shoots, green peppercorns, sliced rhizome, and sweet basil leaves in a chef’s special chili paste and garlic sauce.
Pineapple Fried Rice
Steamed Jasmine rice sautéed in yellow curry powder with shrimp, pineapple, cashews, tomato, onions, and scallions and served with pineapple shell.
Lamb *
Grilled herb-marinated lamb served with massaman curry, coconut milk, potatoes, carrots, tomato, onion, and peanuts.
Hoe Mok Talay (Seafood Combo)
Mixed seafood cooked in aluminum foil with curry sauce and Thai herbs.
Siam Seafood
Seafood and mixed vegetables sautéed with our house special sauce.
Pla Aok Taek
Fried flounder filet, julienned green mango, Thai herbs, ground chicken, shrimp, squid, and cashews in a tasty chili and garlic sauce.
Thai Steak
Thai Classic-style steak.
Volcano Jumbo Shrimp
Jumbo shrimp grilled and topped with chili sauce.
Hot Braised Soft Shell Crab *
Diced onion, snow peas, carrot, water chestnuts and celery cooked with house special sauce.
Curry Powder Soft Shell Crab *
Onion, scallions, bell pepper, celery, basil and egg in house special sauce.
Pad Black Pepper
Beef and scallop sautéed with broccoli and napa in special sauce

Seafoods is shrimps, scallops, squid, and mussels. All prices subject to change without notice.

* mild ** medium ***hot