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Periodically, Tim Thai Restaurant customers like to share their experiences. Below are some comments. At the bottom of the page is a form where you can also share your thoughts. For confidentiality, it is only necessary to enter your first name and your comments. Tim will review all comments before allowing to post to avoid crude or inappropriate posts.

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Rachel says (08/02/2016 07:54:57):
(06/20/2014 20:26:37):
ALWAYS friendly and considerate. Love eating here. It's always a pleasure!
Paul says (08/02/2016 07:53:51):
(07/18/2014 20:19:44):
Although my wife never was much on Thai food, she is coming around. Love the food & it's healthy. The cool part is they cook the food right in front of you. Generous portions so price is no object. You only get what you pay for. Only thing I wish, is that they take pictures of the dishes & post them online. That way you can see what it looks like before committing. I hope people support this place because if not, it will be gone.
Henry says (08/02/2016 07:52:35):
(10/10/2014 17:33:22):
Tim Thai Classic is my favorite restaurant in Carroll County and one of the best Thai restaurants I have come across. I have spent some time in Thailand. Tim Thai's food captures all that is great about Thai cuisine and culture.
Chantal says (08/02/2016 07:51:42):
(12/08/2014 16:36:06):

The magic of Thai food and Thai hospitality is here for sure!
I have been to Thailand a couple of times and love Thai cuisine. This is genuine Thai cuisine at very affordable prices! The coconut curries are especially tasty! And do not miss the sticky rice and mango for dessert!
Mandy says (08/02/2016 07:50:47):
(01/26/2015 11:41:58): Always so friendly, fast and the food is fresh, healthy and tasty! Great food and value for the price!
The Heilman Family says (08/02/2016 07:48:41):
(06/04/2015 14:17:55):

Thank you very much for a tasty and amazing dinner. The food was outstanding and the service was even better. Very special place!
mom says (08/02/2016 07:47:55):
Linda says (08/02/2016 07:46:14):
(10/11/2015 18:38:30):

Always a joy to eat at Tim's! I love the fresh and superbly cooked dishes that remind me of my time in Thailand. Their Thai tea is quite a treat which is enjoyed with generous servings of my favorites! More power to you Tim and your family. So good to see you busy on the Oyster Stroll Day!
Barbara says (08/02/2016 07:45:17):
(11/08/2015 09:54:32):

Amazing food, generous portions, friendly service. An asset to the area.
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